Chirs Davies MEP slams Johnson's hypocritical Peterhead visit

The Chair of the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee, Chris Davies MEP has slammed Boris Johnson for "ignoring realities" in his Brexit policy.

Chair of the EU Fisheries Committee and Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies said:

“Boris Johnson’s visit to Peterhead exposes the sheer hypocrisy of his Brexit policy.

"His claims that Brexit will create new opportunities for fishermen pay no regard to the reality that the majority of fish we catch is sold in the European market. These sales will be at risk if we leave the EU with no deal.

“While he’s in Peterhead, the Prime Minister should explain to fishermen how he intends to transport fish to Boulogne in the event of No Deal. This “just-in-time” supply chain means fish must be in France within 12 hours of leaving Peterhead. That journey can only just be completed in time now – how does he suppose a massive border delay will solve that issue?

"Johnson also ignores the huge and positive influence that the U.K. has had in revising the Common Fisheries Policy. The British fishing fleet is now the most profitable in Europe, and the great majority of fish stocks are now sustainable and in a healthier state than for decades.

"These are real achievements, and for the U.K. to turn its back on the improvements it has helped make to the European Fisheries Policy just shows how absurd Brexit is.

"Meanwhile, Johnson's intention to prorogue Parliament will kill off his own government's Fisheries Bill, and control of British waters post-Brexit.

“Coastal communities must understand that Brexiteers, and their policies, are not on the side of fishermen. They will use British fishing as a bargaining chip to strike any future trade deal.

“They didn’t think twice about throwing parliamentary democracy under the bus – and they’ll do the same to the British fishing industry. There will be no winners."

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