Chris Davies MEP warns of the consequences of a No-deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit will lead to an "unprecedented tide of violence" and the blood will be on politicians' hands is the stark warning from senior Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies during his visit to Belfast today.

The MEP, who has spent two days in Northern Ireland meeting with representatives of border communities and campaigners for reconciliation has warned that the return of a hard border with the Republic will unleash a tide of violence.

Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies said:

"Time and again people here have told me that paramilitary groups will exploit the situation and killings will resume. They are asking a very good question – why is the Government in London not listening?

"Politicians will blame terrorists If a no-deal Brexit leads to a return of The Troubles.  But as decision-makers, they cannot ignore the consequences of their actions. No-deal will unleash a tide of unprecedented violence and blood will be on their hands."

Davies has met with local residents at the former British army camp at Forkhill in County Armagh, talked with the young people who formed the 'Our Future Our Choice' group to campaign against Brexit, and discussed community reconciliation initiatives with officers of the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations. 

As Chair of the European Parliament's fisheries committee, he also met with fishermen at the port of Kilkeel.

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