Chris Davies MEP meets with Belfast people and businesses at risk from Brexit

Chris Davies MEP and Naomi Long MEP meet with Northern Irish people who's businesses and livelihoods will be impacted by Brexit. 

Last week, Chris Davies MEP and Naomi Long MEP met with Northern Irish fishermen, Sea Source Factory, Gerry Smyth boats, Anglo North Irish Fish Producers' Organisation (ANIFPO) and members of Border Communities Against Brexit.

Naomi and Chris also took the cross-border ferry from Greencastle to Carlingford, to speak to people affected by Brexit.

Chris had this to say: "It was amazing to hear about the amazing work that the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations is doing to bring communities together in Belfast. They are situated in an area of Northern Ireland that is most at risk from Brexit; just another example of why leaving the European Union is such a poor decision for people and business throughout the union."

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