Lib Dems slam "national embarrassment" as Johnson visits Dublin

Senior Lib Dems have labelled Boris Johnson a "national embarrassment" as he visits Dublin for talks with Leo Varadkar.


Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies who was in Northern Ireland just two weeks ago and chairs the European Parliament's Fisheries Committee said that the Prime Minister had "no authority" in claiming to represent British interests during his visit.

Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies said:

“As if proroguing parliament, weaponising the police and losing every vote he's faced wasn't bad enough, Boris Johnson has managed to surpass himself and embarrass the country he claims to represent.

"Having been elected by less than a percentage of the population, Johnson cannot claim that he has the authority to represent the country.

"Just two weeks ago, I was in Northern Ireland meeting with fishermen, tour guides, young campaigners and families from both sides of the border. People are terrified that The Troubles will return and no one is listening to them – and they're right.

"Johnson cannot ignore the consequences of his actions. He is a charlatan who acts only in his own interests. This man is a national embarrassment."

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