Lib Dems join Extinction Rebellion Protests in Manchester

Chris Davies MEP met with Extinction Rebellion protesters and organisers to hear the concerns, and share their mutual visions to tackle climate change.

Chris Davies MEP joined the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protest in Manchester this weekend, to meet with organisers and protesters. Chris, along with fellow attendees, discussed the important work which needs to be done by the government and ordinary people to tackle the climate emergency. 

Recently, the Liberal Democrats brought forward Manchester Council's climate emergency motion – a meeting that XR were present at. Liberal Democrats share many of XR's concerns, and want to work with the group to find a solution to this vital issue. 

When asked about the protests, Chris had this to say: "Extinction Rebellion in Manchester has served to raise awareness of the climate crisis, stressing need for immediate action, and highlighting consequence of failure. Europe must lead the way globally, and Britain should be a leader, not a leaver. The time-wasting irrelevance of Brexit is betraying our future, and is taking time away from vital work which needs to be done to save our environment."

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