Lib Dems tell Chancellor "it's time to be bold", as IFS launches Green Budget report

In response to the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) Green Budget report, the Liberal Democrats have called on the Chancellor to introduce legally binding targets to reduce greenhouse emissions by 80% by 2030 and to zero by 2040. 

The Liberal Democrats have urged the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, to heed the IFS advice and make "bold" choices in order to continue to fight the climate crisis. 

Senior Lib Dems have also called for regional action to become the "beating heart" of the green revolution, adding that government action could create thousands of green jobs across the region.

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Lib Dems: shocking statistics "reveal hidden cost of cuts to health service"


Analysis from Diabetes UK has revealed that almost 40,000 people suffering from severe mental illness and Type 2 diabetes are not receiving vital checks which "could help prevent devastating and costly complications".

The report also shone a light on stark regional inequalities in the provision of health checks to those concerned, with 78% of Hackney residents receiving all necessary checks for their conditions, compared with 18% in Wolverhampton.

Diabetes UK has called on the NHS to challenge poor standards of care for people with Type 2 diabetes and severe mental illness. They also urged for better integration of mental health and diabetes care.

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Lib Dems warn it could be "several generations" before regional inequality is undone as North is hit hard in new findings

The Liberal Democrats have challenged the government over its dire record on regional inequality, as a University College London (UCL) report exposes the drastic North/South divide.

The UCL report singled out the treatment of women, working-class, ethnic minority and disabled groups as facing multiple disadvantages, which affected every aspect of their lives, including educational outcomes, employment prospects, homeownership, health and life expectancy. 

Senior Lib Dems in the North have warned it could be "several generations before the regional damage is undone."

The report further confirmed fears that the North/South divide is only getting worse:

  • The difference in healthy life expectancy between the most and least deprived areas of England was up to 20 years for both men and women.
  • Mortality in England, particularly in terms of the increasing prevalence of deaths related to suicide, alcohol misuse and smoking, is significantly higher in the North.
  • Place‑based inequalities in health have not merely persisted in recent years but gaps between the richest and poorest in society have widened.
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Brexit deal "designed to fail Northerners"

Senior Liberal Democrats across the North West have warned that Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal is "deliberately designed to fail Northerners".

The deal further risks the chances of the UK crashing out with No Deal at the end of this month.

As the Prime Minister presenting the government's 'new' proposals to Cabinet this morning, opposition voices across the North West have dismissed the plans as unfeasible.

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Lib Dems warn of “undeniable link” between regional poverty and long-lasting health problems

The Liberal Democrats have warned that the undeniable links between regional poverty and long-lasting health problems cannot be ignored any longer.

New statistics from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) reveal that six of the 10 most deprived areas across England are in the North West.

Senior Lib Dem MEP, former NHS worker and dietician Jane Brophy warned that the extreme levels of poverty in the region will have damaging "long-lasting" effects on people’s mental and physical health, including obesity and increased risk of self-harming.

According to the UCL study, living in areas of extreme poverty means an increased likelihood in excessive consumption of alcohol and food, with children far likelier to develop long-term health issues.

Six of the 10 most deprived areas of England are in the North West, with eight of the 10 most deprived neighbourhoods in Blackpool.

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Homeless figures: "expose consistent failure of a system that simply doesn’t care"

The Liberal Democrats have warned that today's ONS figures on homelessness highlight the gross incompetence and lack of priorities from local and national politicians.

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Lib Dems only party strong enough to take on Johnson's "criminal actions"

The Liberal Democrats have called out Boris Johnson's "criminal actions", as his move to prorogue parliament was ruled to be illegal by the Supreme Court.

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Labour Brexit position is a "spineless betrayal of the North"

The Liberal Democrats have taken aim at the Labour Party, claiming their Brexit position is a "spineless betrayal of the North"

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Thomas Cook latest airline to fall foul of Brexit uncertainty betraying British industries

The Liberal Democrats have warned that Brexit uncertainty is sealing the fate of British industries already under pressure following the collapse of three major airlines since 2016. 

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Lib Dems call for EU-wide implementation of Istanbul Convention and for UK to finally ratify

Liberal Democrat MEPs are calling for an EU-wide implementation of the Istanbul Convention to protect women against violence

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