Cross-party Northern MEPs unite against Johnson Government

Northern MEPs from across the political parties have united in Brussels against Johnson's catastrophic Government.

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Politicians failing young women as trust falls to all-time low

The Lib Dems have warned that trust in politicians is falling to an 'irreparable' all-time low following a damning report by Young Women's Trust. 

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Lib Dem MEP's call HS2 delay a "monumental failure for the North"

Liberal Democrats have slammed the delay of HS2 as a 'shambles' and a 'monumental failure for the North'.

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Lib Dems join Extinction Rebellion Protests in Manchester

Chris Davies MEP met with Extinction Rebellion protesters and organisers to hear the concerns, and share their mutual visions to tackle climate change.

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Chris Davies MEP warns of the consequences of a No-deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit will lead to an "unprecedented tide of violence" and the blood will be on politicians' hands is the stark warning from senior Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies during his visit to Belfast today.

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Lib Dem MEP Jane Brophy marches in Manchester Pride

Last weekend Jane Brophy joined friends and colleagues at Manchester Pride, where she marched alongside the LGBT community.

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Lib Dems unveil plans to save future of clubs like Bury FC

Senior Liberal Democrats in the North have released plans to save the future of football clubs like the struggling Bury FC.

The plans released by the Liberal Democrats today set out a bold vision to ensure the financial security of professional clubs in the region.

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Lib Dem NW MEPs threaten to block Brazil deal over Amazon rainforest crisis

The Liberal Democrats have threatened to block any future deal with Brazil unless the President backs down over the Amazon deforestation crisis.

The Lib Dem Brazilian delegation lead, Jane Brophy, has sent a damning letter to President Bolsonaro demanding immediate action over the Amazon rainforest crisis.

The largest rainforest in the world, the Amazon has seen a record number of fires this year.

The loss acceleration has coincided with the election of Brazil's new president Jair Bolsonaro in January 2019 but has made little effort to protest the rainforest.

You can read Jane Brophy MEP's Letter below:



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Chris Davies MEP meets with Belfast people and businesses at risk from Brexit

Chris Davies MEP and Naomi Long MEP meet with Northern Irish people who's businesses and livelihoods will be impacted by Brexit. 

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North Sea temperatures rising as MEP threatens sanctions against Iceland and Greenland

The chair of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee, Chris Davies MEP, has threatened sanctions against Iceland and Greenland unless they back down over increased fishing quotas.

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