North Sea temperatures rising as MEP threatens sanctions against Iceland and Greenland

The chair of the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee, Chris Davies MEP, has threatened sanctions against Iceland and Greenland unless they back down over increased fishing quotas.

The move has been backed by the European Commission after cooperation between the three nation’s fishermen began breaking down.

Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies said:

"The argument is between short term greed or long term sustainability.

"Mackerel can be plentiful so long as we manage the stocks with care.  When the scientific evidence is contradictory we should adopt a precautionary approach.

"Iceland is acting irresponsibly.  The country is supposed to be our partner, but its actions are anything but friendly and we should respond strongly.

"The European Commission is making very clear that, Brexit or no Brexit,  it intends to support Scottish fishermen.  I welcome this, but strong words are not enough.

"The EU should be prepared to apply sanctions that will make clear that Iceland's behaviour is unacceptable."

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