Our Campaigns

Here are just a few of the campaigns which Jane and Chris are passionate about: 

Lead Not Leave: 

Chris Davies MEP is a firm advocate against Brexit. He believes that Britain ought to remain a part of the European Union, to act as a leader to shape the European Project from the inside. 

In a recent interview, Chris said: "Europe's climate problems are our problems. Only through a collective approach can we hope to have a real influence in shaping global policy."

Will you join Chris in his campaign to Stop Brexit? 

Click the link to sign Chris' petition: https://leadnotleave-ldmepnw.nationbuilder.com/petition

Campaign Against Badger Culling:

Jane Brophy MEP believes passionately in protecting wildlife from harm. In a speech to Trafford Council in 2018, she commented:

"Badger culling is not only cruel, it is flawed. Here in the North West, we must completely oppose it. The strategy to cull badgers is harmful and pointless. We must look at developing more effective ways of addressing bovine TB, such as vaccinations for both cattle and badgers." 

Will you join Jane today in condemning this barbaric practise? 

Click the link to sign Jane's petition: https://ldmepnw.nationbuilder.com/stop_badger_culling

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Increase the monitoring of air pollution in the North West:

Jane Brophy MEP is calling for an immediate increase to the number of automatic air pollution monitors in the North West of England.

There are currently only 16 automatic air-pollutant monitors in Greater Manchester, and 9 in the Liverpool and Merseyside area.

This means that certain areas such as Bolton, which experience high-levels of congestion and pollution, are not being measured on a consistent basis by automatic monitors. 

This is simply not sufficient; air pollution is a real and pressing issue in urban cities in the North. It has the potential to cause damage to people's brains, kidneys, liver, and and other internal organs, and, as such, action needs to be taken against it urgently.

Jane Brophy, MEP for the North West of England, says: "air pollution is a real and pressing concern to urban areas in the North West. Without without reliable and consistent methods of measuring levels of pollution, however, action cannot be taken to combat it."

Will you join Jane today in her campaign to increase the number of air pollution monitors in the North West? 

Click the link to sign Jane's petition: https://www.libdemnwmeps.org.uk/increase_the_monitoring_of_air_pollution_in_the_north_west

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