Senior MEP: sustainable fishing should be a top priority in European Green Deal

Ahead of the European Commission’s Green Deal communication, senior MEP and Chair of Fisheries Committee says Green Deal "should be tinged with blue".

Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies has added that protecting oceans should be a keystone of any future environmental policy.

The European Green Deal will ensure the transition to a sustainable use of global resources is a crucial priority for the 2019 - 2024 Parliamentary mandate.
Stopping ecological hazards from negatively affecting our planet's already fragile marine ecosystems will not only rejuvenate depleted fish stocks but ensure that our oceans are healthy and thriving for future generations.

Liberal Democrat MEP and Chair of the Fisheries Committee, Chris Davies says :

"The EU needs to take the lead in protecting the oceans that are vital to the health of our planet. The Green Deal must be tinged with blue.

"We must stop the flow of chemicals and plastics that pollute our waters, safeguard the precious diversity of life beneath the waves, and rebuild our fish stocks to give the fishing industry a secure future.

"We face environmental battles on many fronts, but with effective leadership, this is one that Europe can win.

“Where others follow, Renew Europe will lead. An Oceans Act could help to secure a new and more focussed approach to the protection of our seas and the diverse life they sustain.

"If our oceans die, humankind will perish, it really is as simple as that.”

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